One could confuse our latest team shot with a (rather large) family portrait. You wouldn't be far from the truth. In many ways Bastion Collective operates more like a family than a business. We love nurturing and growing our people both professionally and personally. Cultivating marketing experts just doesn’t cut it in our business.

We empower and support our staff to become well-rounded business managers with real commercial understanding. 

A very evident lack of ‘red tape’ means your career at Bastion Effect is what you make it. Growth paths are unencumbered. You truly are in charge of your destiny. 

A fully integrated staff development program supports this notion, as well as a dedicated external mentoring program available for all staff within the wider Bastion Collective. 

We are strategic about the work we do and the clients we do it with, proactively seeking out new opportunities that will challenge, inspire and grow staff knowledge and skills. 

We're flexible. Mentally that is. We get that life is hectic and empower our team to work the way that suits them best. Whether its working by our cosy fireplace, from home or client sites, we aim to provide a working environment that suits the individual.


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