Five Minutes with a Digital Master

We sat down with Bastion Collective’s latest recruit, Karalee Evans – office prank master and Director Digital, Social & Brand Strategy, and grilled her on all things digi.


Tell us a little about the journey your career has taken you on so far…

It’s certainly been a varied journey and at times accidental. I started my first agency job straight out of high school and studied in the evenings. It wasn’t easy, I was working two and a half hours away from home and going to uni three nights a week – let’s just say I started at the bottom! Once I completed my Political Communications course, I decided that studying and working full time at the same time was something I’d never do again!

Since then I’ve done almost everything; I’ve worked in PR agencies, advertising agencies, comms agencies, I’ve worked in the Victorian Government as a senior advisor for transport, I’ve worked in a not-for-profit and now I’ve come back full circle back into a great comms group – Bastion Collective.

What’s your top tip for someone looking to launch their career in the digital realm?

I think my number one tip would be: DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Especially in digital there’s no such thing as a linear career path. I’ve been specialising in digital for ten of my fifteen professional years, and it’s still a space where nobody’s an expert. We’re all learning here, so as long as you have an innate knowledge and use of digital and social, you should follow your passion.

How do you stay current on all of the latest shifts and innovations?

As much as we might want to be, none of us are 100% across every change online – that’s the nature of the industry. That being said,  I’ve been doing this for a long time and one thing I do religiously is put aside the first hour of every day to catch up on my trusted industry sources.

What are you most excited about in social media right now?

What I’m really excited about right now is bridging online and offline strategies. Social and digital are powered by data and the behaviours and usage behind it. What’s promising at the moment is seeing vendors and platforms come onto the market that are making the link between above the line and below the line, online and offline and are tracking a consumer through this journey.

Why I’m excited about this is because it means attribution –  when you’re proving effectiveness to a client you’re a big step ahead of everyone else. It also makes your campaigns and strategy smarter. While this obviously raises issues with privacy, it’ll also benefit the consumer as they’ll be getting more effective and relevant messaging.