SXSW Insights: The shift for media companies

Bastion EBA's Group Account Director Fran Fenemor provides her insights from the weird and wonderful world of SXSW.

Million’s of people around the world now hold onto their mobile phone like a baby with a dummy.

What this means for media is a shift from traditional idea led content to a morepersonal, authentic approach. Content consumers will watch any time, anywhere and on any device.

At South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the concept of authentic content was heavily discussed and consumers look to mobile for personalised experiences and stories that resonate.

As we now have content consumed in so many ways, so many places and on so many channels the purpose and authenticity of advertising has shifted.

Some brands are ahead of the game, and others are yet to step out of the traditional marketing mix and advertise in a way that will really connect with their audience.

What was noted throughout SXSW was that Australia is well ahead of the pack when it comes to creating great content. In the US, you still see the product leading the story – whilst in Australia there has been a shift to bring the real life, authentic story of the brand and the brand purpose to life.

The future of advertising and media is about moving from a focus on the creative idea itself, to creating authentic content that resonates with an audience.

AN IDEA                    >                      AUTHENTIC CONTENT

The key for media is if they can unlock the emotion of their readers, mirror their behaviour and serve up valuable content, then audiences will grow.

It’s a simple equation really:

Empathy + Human Connection = Building Brands & Audiences

If you’re yet to see it, a great example of this equation is the Buzz Feed Tasty Channel. Buzzfeed have shifted to fit their readers needs and behaviour by providing content which is truly useful to foodies, and in doing so have gained 45 million Facebook fans. Buzz Feed’s Tasty has limited brand integration, but where it does, content is delivered in an authentic way that connects the audience.