Blundstone Parties in the Paddock

The Challenge

Much loved Aussie brand Blundstone has long been known as the purveyor of the go-to work boot – tough, sturdy and reliable. Meanwhile, overseas, Blunnies boots are considered a stylish must-have.

It was high time that Aussie fans discovered the fashion credentials of the Blundstone range. So, we got to thinking – where would you take a pair of boots that are as hard-working as they are stylish?

The answer: a music festival.

Music is the ultimate vehicle with which to express your authentic self – it’s playful, it’s cool, it’s personal. Not to mention that 81% of people say that the coolest brand experiences they’ve ever seen somehow involved music in a live setting (Forbes).

The Solution

So, how could we get Blundstone to own the Aussie festival scene in a way that was both on brand and authentic? 

Drawing on the brand’s proud Tassie heritage we looked to its partnership with Party in the Paddock, a much loved music festival held outside of Launceston. The goal was to position Blundstone as the boot of the festival – both for the crowd and for the artists

We set about this by creating a boutique Brekkie Session, which we hosted in the VIP camping area. We set the scene with an impressive Blundstone shoebox hashtag erected at the front of the site, and rustic props such as hay bales, apple boxes, plants, umbrellas and cushions.

Guests sipped on Applejacks cider and Bloody Mary’s while enjoying breakfast burgers and fruit from a Tassie caterer. The soundtrack was provided by a live set from local Hobart performer James Parry and attendees made their own personalised PITP festival bracelet at the jewellery stand.


Our VIP crowd were certainly a bunch of happy campers. As well as being provided with a festival survival kit with everything from dry shampoo to a personalised tote bag, they discovered first-hand just how perfectly the Blundstone brand lends itself to the festival scene.

We also kitted a number of lucky festival goers out with their very own pair of Blunnies – thanks to the Blundstone fairy.

Blunnies in action at PITP

Blunnies in action at PITP

A videographer was on the ground to film the event, in addition to a photographer who was capturing content for media opportunities and Blundstone’s social channels - all content that will live beyond the festival.

A couple of happy campers in their Blunnies

A couple of happy campers in their Blunnies

And best of all? Blundstone was THE boot to be seen in at PITP.