What's a Brand got to do with Business?

It's so easy to think of a brand as just being the mark, logo or the colours in the foyer. Of course, most marketers know that your brand represents the total end-to-end customer experience. When your brand appears anywhere in front of a customer on any channel, that's your brand speaking.

So how can an aligned brand contribute to a healthier bottom line?


At the top of the funnel when your brand is competing for attention and share of voice, a strong presence and a defined brand will help you to stand out, make your marketing investment work harder and create a point of difference.


A well defined brand gives your business direction and creates an immediate perception of value and meaning. This is important for both your customers and staff. If you are in a service delivery market, then your people carry the majority of the brand interactions. Everyone from the call centre, reception and sales teams should know how to conduct business in order to deliver on the brand promise.


A strong brand is easier to refer.  If a customer can easily talk about the things you do and feels like your brand is aligned, they will tell others. 

One of the fundamental points we work on with our clients when we're developing their brand strategy, is to uncover all the brand proof points. In other words, if our clients have a defined brand position, how are they proving that on a minute-to-minute basis? If you want to be known as innovative, does your website show that? Do your sales reps use the latest technology in meetings? Is your CRM being used effectively to deliver persona lised and targeted communications? Are you using social media in the most innovative way?

Is your brand aligned and poised to support your business goals?