TEDx Melbourne

“An adventurous mind turns paralysing fear into unstoppable drive and takes you to places - physical and mental - that could not have been reached without it.”

- Dr Agustin Chavez

In order to take a leap of faith, it helps to recognise the presence of fear beforehand. But what form does this fear take and how does it hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams in the first place? Most importantly, how can we convert this nervous energy into something amazing?


We sent our newest Account Executive, Vanessa Condemi along to the latest TEDx Melbourne event last week to hear from various speakers offering their insights on the matter.

“Each of the speakers identified the existence of their fear before using it proactively to work to their advantage,” says Vanessa. 

“As someone only really entering my career now, attending the event helped me realise that recognising your fears and hesitations is actually a positive thing.”

Below, Vanessa shares with us her three favourite speakers and what she took away from each.

Marita Cheng and Alberto Rizzoli
The two teenagers responsible for Aipoly

Aipoly is a groundbreaking mobile app that helps the blind and visually impaired to see the world through their smartphone. As two first-hand witnesses to the struggles of visual impairment,  Marita and Alberto demonstrated how to convert a problem into a product. It was inspiring to hear from such young individuals - it drove home the notion that adventurousness completely transcends age. 

Dr Lesley Cheng
21st century scientist working on an early detection for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Dr Cheng taught me that in order to be successful, you’ve got to develop your ’soft skills’ - to be curious, creative and collaborative. Above all else, you’ve got to be a great communicator. While this seemed daunting at first, it was also liberating - to know the qualities required to be successful means that you can dabble in so many fields; a trait in high demand in the professional landscape today. Learn more about Dr Cheng here.

Jules Allen
Youth crusader and advocate for adoption reform

Jules changed the way I interpret resilience. By sharing her own story - one peppered with both tragedy and triumph, Jules put forward the idea that only through complete acceptance of our faults, situation and circumstance are we able to use resilience to grow as great communicators, facilitators of change and individuals. 

TEDxMelbourne, like the city, brings together a diverse group of people to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration at a series of events held throughout the year. For more information, visit tedxmelbourne.com.